Ginger Crowley President of CrowleyCom

Prior to founding CrowleyCom, Ginger was with the Technical Training Division of CBS Network News in New York, where she prepared non-broadcast executives to man the airwaves in the event of a union strike. She later moved to Los Angeles where she was a media trainer for a number of public relations agencies before establishing her own label.


Performance and functioning under fire have always been the focal points of Ginger's career. She spent most of her childhood on the ice, training and competing as a figure skater and later becoming a figure skating coach. It was during her experience as a figure skater, where performing under extreme pressure was critical to victory, that Ginger developed her ability to teach people how to relax and concentrate under pressure. Teaching spokespeople to channel nervousness, focusing on their message rather than on themselves, has become one of the hallmarks of CrowleyCom training.

Her father named her Ginger

so that she wouldn’t be called “ Red.”


She grew up in Lexington, MA.


She’s obsessed with purple.


She’s the oldest Girl Gamer on the planet.


She loves cars and Pomeranians.


She played Greer on All My Children.


She was a fearless figure skater

(but not that good.)


She had the world’s best sit spin

back in the day.


If she could do it over again,

she would be a videogame developer.


Hollywood type cast her as a TV reporter.


At Northwestern she lived at SDT .


She wrote  wild editorials for

 WBBM-TV in Chicago.


At Dartmouth she turned "pro"

as a figure skater.


She bombed as the weather girl on

KKTV in Colorado Springs.


They didn’t understand her

at XRIO- TV (she doesn’t speak Spanish.)


She attended soap opera school.


She eats ice cream every day.


Dogs fascinate her.


Boring bothers her.


She’s done two terms in NYC.


She hangs out with deer.


She asks too many questions.


Her favorite word is WHY.


Friends call her The Riddler.


She’s from a long line of Viking warriors.


She chose Smith College because

its theater is purple.


Her first movie was Sweet Poison.


Her second movie was Previous Victims.


 “Sweet” would not describe her.


When she’s in Japan people stare at her.


Her idol is Ed Sheeran.


She’s an incurable night owl.


She was once fluent in French.


She loves giving gifts.


She thinks Jimmy Fallon is a genius.


She thought she’d stay in LA for a year…

It’s been 25.


When she’s really old she’ll return to radio.





Ginger began her career as a radio news announcer (during and after graduating from Smith College.) She was the morning drive time announcer for a number of New England radio stations and was later offered a teaching fellowship at Northwestern University's School of Speech. At Northwestern, Ginger taught Radio Production and writing for the "ear versus the eye."


After receiving a Master's Degree in Speech from Northwestern University, she became an editorial writer for WBBM-TV (CBS-Chicago), was a television reporter and weather woman for KKTV (CBS-Colorado) and was the nightly news anchor for Mexico's XRIO-TV.


Tired of covering death, disaster and duplicity, Ms. Crowley turned her performance talents to the acting world. She moved to New York and studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. While honing her craft, Ginger put her storytelling capabilities to work in advertising sales; first representing daily newspapers (including the New York Daily News, Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia Bulletin, Boston Globe, Baltimore Sun, Toronto Star, London Times and Le Monde) and later as the New York Advertising Sales Manager of Citicorp Publishing ( including Signature Magazine, now known as The Conde Nast Traveler.)


During her four years at Citicorp Ginger was recognized for her ability to create and deliver compelling presentations and was charged with creating and delivering major sales presentations to Madison Avenue. Known as Citicorp Publishing's resident presentation coach, Ginger trained the Signature Magazine staff to deliver dynamically informative speeches and presentations, garnering numerous magazine and publishing industry awards.


After completing her professional acting training, Ginger, once again, found a home on television. This time it was playing principal characters on "Ryan's Hope" and "All My Children". When she moved to prime time she was (shockingly) type cast as the tough television reporter on Reasonable Doubts, "Man of the People" and countless Movies-of-the-Week (including USA's "Precious Victims" and " Sweet Poison" and Hallmark's "From the Mixed Up Files of...")


Ginger's long and varied career has always been pointed toward performance coaching. Yet, it was quite by accident that she stumbled into media training. While auditioning for one of CBS's daytime dramas she was told of an opening at CBS's Technical Training Division for someone with news experience. She wasn't "quite right" for the part on "As The World Turns" so she strolled down the hallway and applied for the job as a trainer. That was close to twenty years ago. She has never looked back.


Ginger Crowley received her Bachelor of Arts in English and Theatre (with a concentration in Speech) from Smith College  (her Junior Year was spent at Dartmouth College) and a Master of Arts from the Radio TV Film Department of  Northwestern University’s School of Speech (now Northwestern’s School of Communication).



Ginger Crowley,


Ginger Crowley is the Founder and President of CrowleyCom, a media and presentation training organization based in Los Angeles. For over two decades Ginger has been coaching spokespeople to deliver their personal best in front of an audience, a client or a camera lens. Her ability to teach professionals from a cross section of industries and professions to deliver "personality on-cue" while compressing and distilling complex information into easily discernible, highly memorable messages and impressions has distinguished Ms. Crowley's training career.

Ginger Crowley President of CrowleyCom


Ginger Crowley, President

Ginger Crowley created CrowleyCom  over two decades ago.


She leads every training session and is CrowleyCom’s president.


Prior to that she was an anchor/reporter

for various CBS TV stations,

an actress on a number of Soaps

and Movies- of the- Week,

and the NY Advertising

Sales Director of  Citicorp’s Signature Magazine

(now The Conde Nast Traveler.)


Ginger worked for the Technical Training Division of CBS Network in New York prior to establishing CrowleyCom.


She has a BA in English and Speech

from Smith College

( junior year was spent at  Dartmouth College.)

Her Masters Degree is from the

Radio TV Film Department of

Northwestern University’s School of Speech

 (now the School of Communication.)


Ginger Crowley President of CrowleyCom
Ginger Crowley President of CrowleyCom